Accumlation of Matter

Exhibition at Lehrter Siebzehn in Berlin

On exhibition: February 5 - 20, 2015


Opening event: February 5, 2015, 7 pm

Live act: Palmovka (SK), Mike Nylons (H)

Venue: Lehrter Siebzehn, Lehrter str. 17 3te Etage HH 10557 Berlin

Common physical processes occurring in nature used to inform discourses on society, ever since the reification of the "human material" set up a disciplinary subject. These dynamics like accumulation, layering, stratification, consolidation or crystallization of raw materials are also engineering their way around how we think about the constructedness of grand narratives (class, nation, culture, ideology etc.) in human history. With the act of translation between the two domains (anthropomorphisation of natural materials and naturalization of communal matters) however, true knowledge on the mechanics can get lost, deliberately obscured and re-purposed by any powerful will.

Accumulation of Matter features artistic projects that open up an interplay between intrinsic organic formations and interested human agents. The once neutral ‘earth-old things’ newly re-framed as national heritage, tourist site, battlefield, ethnic land, destination of group pilgrimage or party emblem easily conform to institutionalized geomythologies. Contemporary artists - taken up the role of social interaction designers - infuse their praxes to survey the socio-spatial terrain. The exhibition invites to (re)discover these ideological landmarks inscribed on the highest peaks of the Carpathian Basin (Alps-Tatras-Carpathians).


Curator: Szilvi Német


Exhibiting artists:
Lőrinc Borsos (H), Nemanja Cvijanovič (HR), Mark Fridvalszki (H), Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša (SI), Szabolcs KissPál (H), Krisztián Kristóf (H), Little Warsaw (H), Svätopluk Mikyta (SK), Cristian Rusu (RO), OHO Group (SI), Gábor Ősz (H), Société Réaliste (FR/H), Marko Tadič (HR), Gábor Csongor Szigeti (H), We didn't do it! Crew
+ archive posters, audio records; Guy Debord: Le Jeu de la Guerre (boardgame)


Presented and sponsored: Art Quarter Budapest

Further supporters:
Slowakisches Institut in Berlin, Balassi Intézet - Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (.CHB), Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Gallery Plan B


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