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I graduated as a fashion designer at Mod Art (2020), but I have always been preoccupied with fine arts, including painting, which I have mastered in a self-taught way. The period of Impressionism greatly influences me; I often draw my world of colours from it, which radiates a similarly cheerful, kind and good atmosphere to the viewer. So basically, in painting, the decorativeness and harmony of colours are what concern me. 


I like to combine the socialist era forms with the modern, slightly sweet world of colours in my paintings, thus depriving them of the atmosphere of socialist realism and the feeling of being framed. The socialist art (trend) caught me because of the modern design that developed during the oppression, which is made even more exciting for me by the feeling I never knew, living in it. Strong lines characterize my works, contrasts and geometric, refined design that can be traced back to modernism, my interest in the era, and my desire for reduction.

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