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For our International Artist-in-Residence Program there is no restriction concerning citizenship, race, gender, or age. A basic knowledge of English, open-mindedness and good communication skills are welcome.


Applicants should send the following material as a pdf to


  • Artist or group’s professional CV.

  • A portfolio of related works.

    • Visual artists: images or video links.

    • Performing artists: a synopsis of previous works, video links and reviews.

    • Literature: a list of publications and professional acknowledgements.

  • A project description which clearly elaborates the residency goals and the work to be created while at aqb.

    • Performing artists: the description should contain a list of production partners and expected date and place of the first performance.

  • A statement explaining how coming to aqb, to Budapest, or to Hungary is relevant to the development of your project. For example, how does the geographic, social, political or cultural dynamics of Budapest, Hungary play a role in your project?

  • Completion of the downloadable application form.


*For large files and/or videos please provide links to the relevant websites.




  • Katalin Timár, art historian, curator at Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest.

  • Zsolt Petrányi, art historian, head of the Contemporary Collection at the Hungarian National Gallery.

  • János Sugár, artist, professor at the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of fine Arts, Budapest.


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