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Áron Kútvölgyi-Szabó’s praxis deals with the characteristics of human thinking and the personal mindsets they are embedded in. During the years he examined from different point of views their structure and constructedness, the invisible mechanisms of cognition and remembrance, and the phenomena of mental distortions and biases. Recently he investigates the doubtfulness of knowledge and specifically the uncertainty of image-based sources as foundations of various misunderstandings and false conclusions which can mislead the perception and the following interpretations. Confronting spatiality with 2D imagery is crucial in his works and he often deals with the importance of perspective views and differing aspects both theoretically and in practice. Kútvölgyi-Szabó’s artworks have an abstract characteristic and incorporating structures like networks or grids, but they all share a strong conceptual or research based background. His diverse methods are based on both manual and digital techniques, using 3D softwares to create printworks, photography, laser engraving as well as 3D printing, manufactured and found objects to create mixed media installations.

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