Csenge Vass

VASS Csenge is a conceptual fashion and textile designer. She gained her undergraduate degree at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2017. During her bachelor studies she received an Erasmus scholarship for studying in Barcelona, where she spent a semester at ESDI - Escuela Superior de Diseno art school.  During her studies she focused primarily on the development and creation of innovative and experimental materials. Her graduation project ‘Morphogenesis’ was a combination of fashion, textile design and science in the context of installative art. This artwork was exhibited during the Budapest Design Week at Artus Studio in 2017, and in Trafó - House of Contemporary Art during the smART! XTRA / Textures interactive exhibition. She received an internship position in Eindhoven, Netherlands, where she had a chance to work in the studio of the internationally well-known conceptual designer, Bart Hess. Hess’s work had a major influence on her artistic attitude, among other experiments she started to be interested in the world of contemporary dance. She started to work as a costume and production designer in the pieces titled ‘Sunday’ and ‘Mirage’ directed by Hód Adrienn choreographer. Besides, she was the costume and production designer in ‘Masterpiece’, a dance piece of Molnár Csaba and Cuhorka Emese. She is interested in the experimental and innovative projects, in which her aim is to make the material the core of artistic inquiry. She was part of the ‘ArtScience’ exhibition in Mank Gallery in 2019, and she also exhibited on the show, ‘Hybrid’ in Pécsi Gallery. Her first independent experimental project was shown in Trafó during the Budapest Design week 2019 organised by smART! XTRA. The ‘URFORM’ performance installation was a collaborative project, in which two other artists active in different fields of art— Barna Nóra, contemporary dancer and Mákó Rozi, musician. Csenge is primarily inspired by the contrast of synthetic and organic materials and the visual appearance and content of natural phenomena. These sources of her inspiration are manifested in different forms of soft plastic materials. Currently, she is working as a costume and production designer at Kelemen Patrik’s contemporary dance piece.



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