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I don't know why I paint food. I have no reason to. I can explain, I have plenty of justifications. Now, I could go into how much trouble I had ... through eating disorders, and that because of different maladies, I have to keep an eye on what I am eating. But I don’t think the topic of gluten sensitivity would interest anyone. I don’t even like it. Anyway, these pictures aren't specifically about that. 


I don't like so much to cook alone, for myself. I do it during quarantine, but I don’t enjoy it that much. So I can’t write anything that would not be very negative. 


For me, cooking once meant relationship, but also, family, company, taste the joy of being together. Nowadays, I spice my food in vain. I don’t really feel flavors (and it’s not the covid :D) I don’t have a problem with the taste of my food, just that I am not nourished, like when I eat with someone else.

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