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Berber Budapest

We are enthusiasts and dealers of Moroccan Berber rugs.

We source our rugs directly from the weaving communities and small family businesses from the Atlas Mountains paying them a fair price for their work and. We have a strong, personal relationship with our weaving partners, so we can manage custom orders as well.

The majority of the Berber rugs are hand-knotted from wool and recycled textiles in Berber weavers’ homes and community workshops. Each tribe has its own weaving tradition: the colors and patterns used, and the knotting techniques were passed down from generation to generation within the family.

Despite many shared style cues, each rug is completely unique and reflects the personality, life path of its weaver and is rich in symbolism.

These rural communities produce surprisingly modern rugs, which fit perfectly into different interior styles and are able to give a homely feeling to any space. We have both new and vintage rugs in our selection, and we handpick each and one of them with great care.​

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