BORSOS LŐRINC was born in 2008 as the imaginary child of contemporary artists János BORSOS and Lilla LŐRINC. His extraordinarily profound relation to his parents is also shown by the fact that with the series of paintings created based on his suggested instructions when still in the womb, he won the Strabag Award. Another reason for amazement that he came to the world along with a politically themed painting of a size of 150x100 cm, oil on canvas, which he right away signed and entered to an international competition. He demonstrated a strong sense of justice, empathy and determination right as he launched his career in the contemporary art scene. His first, 2009 project ("My Student Loan Debt in Hungarian Forints") was hailed with a strong response in the media, then the series of paintings created in the same year ("Hungary III") earned him an Esterházy Award.




The genius disposed to rascality turned his attention towards the community already in his first years: he concentrated on political controversies and to questions on the role played by art in society. 
He formed his criticisms of provocative and humorous tone vehemently, mostly without any prudence or circumspection. Besides seeking possibilities to delve into themes of a personal nature, many times he did not refrain to go down to the level of actual politics (which was hindering him in doing the former). He always strived to find and expose the problem in question, but the option of becoming a hero or a martyr in such situations he found attractive only for a short period. Fulfilling the role of mediator as an artist appears only at place 17. on the list of his desires, right before the attempt to sexually couple persons of very diverse political views.




He is still inspired by the missionary past of his parents. His work embraces the setting of power-centred social structures and his own artistic activity against biblical fundamentals of the Old and the New Covenant. Often as an exercise of faith, he tries, through the creation of self-reflexive works of art, to find solutions for the problems of living as an artist and for making ends meet through the course of everyday life.
Besides this activity, he explains his professional success (or the lack of it) with his idealist attitude, disposed to daydreaming and with his workaholism. According to certain sources, also the strong effect that certain Polish cartoon called “Magic Pencil” he found on Youtube, had to his mentality is also undeniable. The hero of this cartoon brings the objects of his necessities to life by drawing them. 
He is reinforced in his missionary consciousness by the losses his ancestors (originating from the Carpathian-basin), had suffered through WWII and other adversities. He is determined that he is going to recompense his family by becoming world famous for his art. Besides getting knighted by the Queen of England, he is expecting fake-noble titles from the Spanish, Dutch, Belgian, Danish, Norwegian and Japanese monarchs.
For the deprivations of before he wishes to get recompensed by breaking the record for the slowest driving with the world’s fastest sports car, or by purchasing, destroying and subsequent resale of extremely high priced artworks and practicing other elite privileges.




He has learnt a lot on theme-centeredness, connecting different genres and on collaboration from the art group called The Corporation, which he got to know through urban legends and his parents. 
The personal, societal or political themes of his choice he processes in the form of quick reactions or complex projects. He is predominantly active in a practice of conceptual painting and installation, but he is always seeking to find the medium, technique and language that would best suit the rendering of the issue he is investigating. The black enamel paint he uses to remove objects and persons from the image, that has, through the years become his trademark, marks his dissonant relationship to power: it can be a gesture of identification or depersonalization at the same time. 
He has his own coat of arms and brand identity. He strengthens his positions in the scene and the market with strategic promotion. He is applying the genres of media hacks, direct and guerrilla marketing, targeted events or even tenders. 
It always means a challenge to him to work on commission (or give one to others), for a given topic, or in different kinds of collaborations with other artists, curators, gallery owners, his own family or even with any other member of society. He is striving to embed his work into society by reinforcing it with image identification and brand strategy elements and positioning it on the art market.




Following a surfeit from Hungarian actual politics and his many-year-long creative activity specifically focused to Hungarian conditions, in late 2013 he embarked on a work of self-exploration, then, — preserving his roots and critical attitude — he set off for his journey to conquer the world. His transport is provided by a thought-driven silver cabriolet saucer that hovers a metre above ground level. The vehicle has an unfortunate pull to the side.

Borsos Lőrinc