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The works of Botond Keresztesi are connected to the medium and toolbar of painting firstly. It can be tagged as a traditional board painting. Mostly he uses photos as a starting point, which is often found on the internet about daily objects, and with the mix of photos taken by himself.Usually banal, well known, industrial motives transformated into sacral meaning in one picture. The plain and the space or real and unreal confronting like a collage. He interested in the contrast of 2 dimensional surface and 3 dimensional object. The works inspired by the early hungarian avantgard painting and commercial posters from the 40’s (Sándor Bortnyik, Lajos Kassák and the movement of activism), the analytic cubism or the material culture of the 80’s and some commercial from the same age. Influenced by computer interfaces and the world of internet such as stock photos, textures and 3D effects.

Botond Keresztesi
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