The World Famous Hungarian Fine Art!

Office opening: cARTc space & projects of contemporary art


Opening: 25th May  18 pm.

Open: 27 May – 27 July

Location: Art Quarter Budapest

               1222 Budapest, Nagytétényi út 48-50.



The cARTc space & projects of contemporary art is arranging an exhibition of young hungarian artist’s most exciting works in the Art Quarter Budapest, between 27th May, and 27th July.

In despite of the country plentiful scene of the contemporary fine arts, it is having a bare national, even less international response.

The exhibition titled as „The world famous hungarian fine art” in advance of a positive representation, the artist’s works are shown as possible well-known, illustrious pieces in the future. Along with the exploring the criteria „to be famous” in the show appears ten interesting young artists, whom already are appreciated by the professionals, yet there are afore of their carrier. They are that generation, who have the chance to take an important role in the international art world. Some of them are already getting acknowledged award, or scholarship, some of them are a recognized gallery’s artist. Among the exhibitors there are video artist, painter, sculptor, conceptual artist and photographer.


The location of the exhibiton is Art Quarter Budapest, in the buliding of the former brewery, in Haggenmacher backyard. The center is a decided supporter of the contemporary arts, thus formed studios, ateliers, and attends foreign residency programms. The exhibition is realized in terms of the long-term cooperation between the Art Quarter Budapest, and the cARTc Non-profit Cultural Associatons.



List of the artists:


Dávid Adamko, 1976 Debrecen

Borsos Lőrinc, 2008 Budapest

Emese Fodor, 1981 Budapest

Roland Horváth, 1979 Budapest

Éva Magyarósi, 1981, Veszprém

Mihály Misetics, 1979 Budapest

Patrícia Jagicza, 1986 Budapest

Pintér Gábor, 1983 Budapest

József Pincés, 1982 Debrecen

Gábor Szenteleki,1978 Körmend

Dániel Karsai, 1985 Budapest