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We spend most of our everyday life in static interiors. In rooms that are angular shaped, with levelled, even floors and confined by straight walls. But imagine an architectural space that is dynamic instead. A flexible space that shapes itself according to your body and your movements. With his newest project Enfolding Space, Dutch artist Teun Vonk experiments with creating architectural space of truly human proportions, that engages the sensibility of the entire body. He is developing a material that is fluid, intuitive and playful, and has the potency to change the way you think about architecture forever.


During smART! XTRA 4.0 you become part of Teun Vonk’s extensive research project as you can play and experiment with the material. Vonk will use your feedback and experiences to develop the prototype for Enfolding Space.


In his early career Teun Vonk (1986, NL) researched and recorded human behaviour using photography and video. Now his practice has taken a radically different direction. In response to the current age of digitalisation and the strong focus on the visual, Teun Vonk creates immersive installations that evoke a bodily experience.


Vonk takes his own body’s reactions as starting point for his extensive research projects. He works closely together with programmers, scientists and designers to develop the technology that enables an experience that is universal, but experienced individually.

With his installations, the artist aims for us to rediscover and become aware of our physical sensibility. As digitalisation and automation increase further, our perception of technology and the relationship between man and machine will change radically. Vonk is convinced that technology’s aim is to activate and enhance our physical sensibility, and to design our surroundings accordingly. With his installations, Teun Vonk offers a new perspective on the relevance of our physical being in the digital culture of the future.


Enfolding Space is being developed by Studio Tony Spark with support of V2_lab for the unstable media, Rotterdam.


With: Teun WONK

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