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Datson Hughes 
Geoffrey Datson and Annette Hughes form the psychedelic folk duo DATSON+HUGHES. The duo’s artistic practice involves performing new musical materials to give voice to Geoff’s song catalogues, written since the early eighties. The duo has been living and working in the back-blocks of the Sunshine Coast in SE Queensland for the last fifteen years. Datson works to combine spoken word, electronica and instrumentation, where the duo's productions aim to use sonic expression by interdependently combining the voice and the sound field. On the other hand, Hughes, with her experience in the entertainment and publishing industries, she has been co-writing and recording in collaboration with Datson since 2000. In 2017 the duo began touring their EP Whispering Highway in the leadup to the release of their debut album and in the meantime, Hughes is working on a new memoir On the Record (WT) to reflect on the experience of recording the duo's recent album. 
photo by Anne Murray, for Annette H and
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