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How much does the aqb Artist-in-Residency Progam cost per month?

The fee for the aqb residency is EUR 850 per month. Once accepted to the program you will pay for your first month to secure your place. After you will pay on a monthly basis by cash or bank transfer, either in Euro or the equivalent in Hungarian Forint.


Where can I find additional funding for my project?

We suggest that you look for additional funding from your local (city), national (country) or international arts organizations. We’ve also had past residents run successful crowdfunding campaigns to help sponsor their project.


Can I choose the dates for when I come, or do I just state how many months I need to develop my project?

For this stage in the application process you can simply choose how many months you’d like your artist residency to be. However, if you already have specific dates in mind, please let us know.


Once I submit my application, how long will it take to receive the result?

Our applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Typically you will hear back within a week about the status of your application.


Do I need visa to stay in Hungary for the duration of my residency?

It really depends on your country of origin. Please do the research before you come. We will help you to the best of our ability and provide an official invitation letter if needed.






How do I get to aqb when I arrive in Budapest?

Depending on the time of day we are happy to collect you at the airport. The details will be arranged once your project is accepted.


How many rooms are there in an apartment?

There are two apartments, each with 5 fully furnished bedrooms, a kitchen and open concept living and dining room, plus three toilets, two showers and a laundry area.


Is the apartment accessible by elevator?

No, the apartments are not accessible by elevator, however many of the studios are.


What are the bedrooms equipped with?

Each bedroom is equipped with a bed (single or double), bedding and linen, a towel, a desk and chair, a standing lamp, a desk lamp, a wardrobe, electrical outlets, and wi-fi Internet.


What are the communal areas in the apartment equipped with?

We have provided all the necessities for you to enjoy your stay. The kitchen has two fridges, an electric oven and stove top, a kettle, microwave, toaster, kitchenware and cleaning supplies and cupboards for storing food. The dining and living room have tables, chairs, lamps and couches.


Do I need to bring anything else?

As long as you have your clothes, personal items and anything special you may need for your creative project, we think you will have an enjoyable stay. Please make sure to get travel/health insurance for the duration of your stay.


How much spending money will I need?

It is up to you how much you decide to spend, but it’s recommended to have at least EUR 325 per month to spend on food, outings and other living costs.


Can I come with my partner for the duration of my residency?

We have rooms in the communal apartment that can accommodate up to two adults. Please let us know if this is something that you’re considering and we can discuss it further.


Can I host a visitor in my room for a short term stay?

Yes you can. Please let us know if you need something.


How long does it take to get to the centre of Budapest from aqb?

By bus it takes around 35-45 minutes, depending on the route and the traffic. There are a number of buses that pass by aqb, giving a variety of options to get into the city. There is a regional train that can also get you to the city quicky, though it leaves only once or twice an hour depending on the time of day. By car it takes 20-30 minutes, again depending on the traffic.


Is there parking available at aqb?

Yes, free parking is available for all residents.


How much is a monthly bus pass?

An adult monthly bus pass in Budapest costs 9,500 HUF, which is about EUR 30. It gives you unlimited trips and is definitely worth buying.






What are the studios equipped with?

Each studio has a desk and chair, and wi-fi Internet. There are communal bathrooms on each floor of the building and a fully equipped kitchen on the top floor, alongside the roof-top patio.


Are the studios naturally lit and well ventilated?

Yes, there are big windows that provide good light and ventilation. Please let us know if your project uses materials that require specific conditions.


I need special equipment and/or have practical needs for realizing project, can aqb help me?

Please let us know what special equipment or other needs you may have (such as getting a film license or posting a call for auditions) for your project within the application form. With enough advanced notice, we can help organize it to the best of our ability.


Will I be sharing a studio with another international resident or local artist?

It depends on your project and the medium that you work with. Once accepted into the program we will discuss the details with you.


Is it possible to arrange an artistic collaboration?

Yes, we support and encourage artistic collaborations, within your field and beyond. In your application let us know what other artists you might be looking for and if accepted, we can assist with making these connections.


Will I have 24/7 access to my studio?

Yes, we understand that creativity has no timeframe so you’ll receive a key for your studio and the building so that you can gain access whenever you want.


Will I be able to have my work displayed in an exhibition?

It all depends on your project and the time period of your residency at aqb. We have an Artist’s Open Studio day once a year, as well a few curated exhibitions throughout the year, where in-house and Artists-in-Residence can participate if their work aligns with the theme.






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