Internet Romance by Jui-Pin Chang (Taiwan)

"Earlier this year I had a three-month internet romance and decided to chronicle my feelings through my art. It lasted three months and inspired this collection of 60 cut-out creations, the newest work from my trademark Bucketmen series, which I am displaying for the first time here at the Sziget Festival as part of the exhibiton by the art quarter budapest Artists' Residence.


This concept first began developing in my mind last year while I was working with a group of international artists in Venice. I had been very inspired from the beautiful prints of the Italian Renaissance artists as well as by a series of cut-out works from Henri Matisse which I saw earlier at the Tate Modern Gallery in London.


Like me, I suspect that many of you will also have had some sort of internet relationship. They can be so seductive, slowly weaving their way around our lives like the twining branches of my cutout trees. And just like my Bucketmen, we can inter-react over the internet without showing our real faces to anybody. While the Bucketmen hide behind their buckets, we shelter behind our profiles. Do any of us really reveal the truth about our secret, innermost feelings? I'm not sure I did.


However, one thing all of us – you, me and the Bucketmen –share is the very human desire to love and be loved.


I symbolize love in my paintings with the red apple – the forbidden fruit that led to Adam and Eve being banished from the Garden of Eden.


It crops up time after time. The Bucketmen are constantly searching for it, desperately trying to hold it, to possess it. Are you?”



Internet Romance Exhibition
Internet Romance Exhibition
Internet Romance Exhibition