Kitti Gosztola

I mainly focus on the construction and politics of natural sciences, while being informed by a conviction that art's social and sensual dimensions are not a zero sum game. Thus my activities range from tackling craftsmanship and materialities through works based on archival research to projects focusing on socio-political issues – from re-interpreting the techniques of cow appendix membranes once used in Zeppelins through re-evaluating invasive species with participants outside the artworld to a long-running investigation into Hungary’s marine imaginations.


Selected exhibitions: Conditio inhumana, Hungarian National Gallery (Budapest), #Bartók, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Ruminatio, SZIKM (Székesfehérvár, solo), Global Villager Instruments, OFF Biennial 2, Budapest; FlashforwardKisterem(Budapest, solo) Derkovits 2019, Kunsthalle Budapest, Grain of Salt – Eye-rhymes of Sealessness, SKC (Rijeka), Alloy ICA-D (Dunaújváros); awards: Smohay Prize and the Klára Herczeg Prize; residencies: St. Helier, Jersey (The Morning Boat), Rijeka, Croatia (Kamov), Bratislava, Slovakia (Reaktor), Salzburg, Austria (Landesatelier im Künstlerhaus), Mooste, Estonia (MoKS). 

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