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Imagination is the part of reality, it influences my reality – what I think about, what I imagine and when I imagine it. The individual language and the symbol system of my paintings are building on each other continuously year by year. I paint special or ordinary events which are invisible to the eye, and they sometimes interweave with some elements of the visible world. I highlight something from the web of miracles, creatures, emotions, thoughts, and paint it as a part of a spherelike comic set. They create a coherent complex, but each piece can individually lead the thread to different directions, like a spatial spiderweb expanding to all directions. In this web, physical forms only provide the frame, while the other elements and details reveal the way I interpret the world. The interaction between the paintings mostly occurs as a result of my work method: due to the oil and canvas technique, the layers dry slowly (there are often six-eight layers), hence I paint more pictures simultaneously. This makes the painting in progress a part of a series and a work with an own individual story at the same time. The layers of my paintings resemble the conceptual proposing. It is significant where the paint has a thicker body, where there is a many-layered, translucent, shiny part or a brave gesture, detailed dotting. I combine the different kinds of figurativity and abstraction – my works are edited and spontaneous at the same time. My figures – even if they appear alone in the picture – are not lonely, since not the physical body is the focus but the state, the process they are in. The animals and creatures are often tropelike. They are sometimes replaced by trees, plants, water, or light. I see no difference between them. In this metaphorical world, it is a transparent system.

My main source of inspiration is my dreams because they influence my work and my works also interweave into my dreams. The way the paintings influence each other, the way dreams influence each other, and the relation between dreams and pictures are equally important in the process of imagery. To highlight the metaphorical system, it is essential to depict the fabular actions happening in my paintings in a way that makes it impossible to place them in a historical period.
Lilla Benkő
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