Liquid Bodies

July 28, 2018

Fotók/Photos: Aron Weber

Liquid Bodies @ aqb Project Space 




Radek Brousil (1980)

Valentýna Janů (1994)

Martin Kohout (1984)

Pavel Příkaský (1985)

Marie Tučková (1994)

Adam Vačkář (1979)



The exhibition is based on the social and critical theory of Zygmunt Bauman (1925 - 2017) that speaks about ‚Liquid Modernity‘ in the book with the same title published in 2000 in Cambridge. Liquid modernity is a consequence of globalization. Bauman examines how we have moved away from hardware-focused modernity to a liquid software-based modernity that caused profound changes in to all aspects of the human condition. The instantaneous time of the software world is immediate but also leads to exhaustion and fading interest. If solid modernity posited eternal duration as the main motive ‚Fluidity‘ is the metaphor for the present stage of the era. 

Czech artists presented at aqb Project Space, Budapest are dealing with the topic of consuming life with its consequences. Adam Vačkář and Radek Brousil are reflecting changes in ecology, recyclation, an unscrupulous behavior of mankind. Vačkář works with (Still Life / Nature Morte, 2013) and this ‚vanitas’ as a memento for the planet. Consumers are originally looking for more experiences rather then things wrote Bauman in his predictive book ‘Globalisation: The Human Consequences’ (New York, 1998).


Curated by SANDRA BABOROVSKA (art historian, curator at Prague City Gallery)

Opening:28 July, Saturday 2018 - 18.00

Date: 28 July – 2 September 2018