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Borsos Lőrinc

"The Borsos Lőrinc artist-duo’s key area of focus is researching the constructed nature of artist identities. Their question, asked through a range of media, methods and motifs, is how art can become a programmable composite entity. In their case, hybridity – as a concept of multiplicity and iterability – relates critically to tendencies which are committed to maintaining the artist- artwork-oeuvre triad as an organic unity. Borsos Lőrinc create at once a private mythology and a critique of mythology in general. They fabricate a face for themselves, and by so doing reveal the emptiness of the face’s „place.” The artworks, installations and events they create are the prosthetic media of their (anti)mythology. (...) Borsos Lőrinc are neither one, nor two, neither husband nor wife, neither art nor anti-art. Rather, this name denotes the place where all of these movements and convulsions converge. We cannot know how many are inside the seething cauldron. They are legion."

Mário Nemes Z.

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