Mirela Joja

I have become interested in the field of memory since I started a little project for a group exhibition at Anca Poterasu Gallery, in Bucharest. Ever since I worked on other projects, but the theme of ordinary history and memory continued to interest me very much. My attention goes towards the stories of people and places that I never knew.  I am more empathetic with the insignificant past than with the one that you can discover through history books. I am fascinated about “micro-history”. It is like an invisible presence that can’t be noticed at first glance. You almost don’t have straight sources for knowing the ordinary past. Even if we can think that is almost unimportant how people before us lived and feel, all this “little” past and memories made us how we are today.  We are like we are because other people walked on the same streets like us. The “big histories” are possible because of the ordinary ones. I can add to this concept the relation between painting and object, with whom I started work since the very beginning of the project. The idea and its materialization came closely bound.



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