Venue: aqb Project Space, Budapest

Curator: Ajna Maj

Date: June 11, 2021 7 pm

Opening speech by Dávid Fehér


Graphic design: István Felsmann


Exhibition on view: 12 June - 18 July, 2021


The exhibition was supported by Delta Informatikai Zrt. and National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

Special thanks to Galerie Meyer Kainer, Gunia Nowik Gallery, Gregor Podnar Gallery and Patrícia Iszak.


IMPORTANT! According to the current regulations, the event can only be visited with a Covid vaccination certificate.


IZP Estek/ Farkas Gergő Dávid: Deep Fake

On the verge of my new ever-fluctuating body, at the junction of clouds of stimuli & steams of emotions, at the times of virulent dances - where do I stand politically & lustfully?

What do I see?

Phantasmagory or Harmony?

I do not have to answer all these spams from the monarchs of Distant Voids, or do I?

What if they need my help for real?

New prophecies retold and expanded figured largely in town. No one is capable of stopping them

from gaining more.

Hm. A mythic time.


Deep Fake invites you to a series of events speculating upon unoriginal forces, the force of the unoriginal, and dreaming about an alternative evolution in which usage is replaced by coexistence.

Deep Fake is maintained by Gergő Dávid Farkas, Endre Cserna, Márton Csernovszky, Kata Dézsi, Dániel Kophelyi, Gergely Ofner and Imre Vass and the Sín Arts and Culture Center

The performance is english friendly.



20:00 - Gergő Dávid Farkas - Deep Fake | premiere

21:00 - website launch

21:15 - 2006

22:00 - simply fake dj set



Art Quarter Budapest
Nagytétényi út 50, Building B, Floor 3, 1222, Budapest


TICKET: 2200Ft



Mattresses are provided for the duration of the performance. In case you have any difficulties sitting on the ground, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Deep Fake is supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA) and Zoltán Imre Program (IZP).


IMPORTANT: According to the current regulations, the event can only be visited by those who possess a vaccination certificate. We are required to check your ID card and the vaccination certificate before entering the show. Visitors under 18 years of age can only visit the performance under the supervision of an adult who already possesses a vaccination certificate.


M I N E    M Y    M I N D

M I N D    M Y    M I N E

M I N D    M Y    M I N D

M I N E    M Y    M I N E

MUSKOVICS -Tamás PÁLL-Viktor SZERI, Márton Emil TÓTH


31.10.2020 - 2021 spring

Venue: AQB mines


Closed due to COVID-19 regulations. 

Later for visiting the exhibition write a mail to



We descend hand-in-hand to the heart of the mountain, leaving any emotions behind. The familiar pathways of the mind lead to a wet, deep, warm darkness. Our trail is paved by a thin, reflective membrane — we fall into a time-trap as we cross it. We enter ourselves as we set foot "out there". It happens to us but we do it to ourselves. We freeze the future and melt the past, then in reverse. The pick-up is jumping back and forth on the nonlinear timeline of our memory. Tissues of intricately twirled, dystopian fragments emerge: familiar forms of madness, pleasurable traces of decay. We hide in the details, read among the lines, but the image remains undecipherable.

The participants show new works among reinterpretations of already existing ones, exhibiting large-scale, immersive and complex installations in the cave system of AQB — formerly used for limestone mining —, which hosts an exhibition for the first time in its existence.


Enter / exit at your own risk.


Catering by acids&Basics

Sponsor: AQB



art quarter budapest’s International Artist-in-Residence program hosts the following disciplines:

Visual arts
Performing arts
Music and sound art
Literature and literary translation
Architecture, illustration and design
Art theory, curatorial and art management


Our residence program offers all entering participants a fully furnished private 20 m2 room within a communal apartment located on the aqb premises, as well as a studio space catering to the project’s requirements.
Studios are assigned based on the project requirements. All studios are heated, have natural light, ventilation, wi-fi and are accessible 24/7.


We offer varied services to integrate our residents into the local art scene and assist in establishing professional connections that best support their work and career. The residency program offers broad possibilities for artists, including cooperation among various disciplines, backgrounds and interests to serve as sources of inspiration. Mediation in organizing a solo show or presentations as a closure of the residency period at aqb. Meetings and lectures with Hungarian curators and art critics.


1 to 3 months.


The fee for participating in the aqb Artist-in-Residence Program is EUR 850 per month. This fee serves as an important contribution to the maintenance and operation of our institution.


Applicants should send the following material as a pdf to Dorottya Magyar:

  • Professional CV.
  • A portfolio of related works.
    ◦ Visual artists: images or video links.
    ◦ Performing artists: a synopsis of previous works, video
links and reviews.
    ◦ Literature: a list of publications and professional acknowledgements.
  • A project description which clearly elaborates the residency
goals and the work to be created while at aqb.
    ◦ Performing artists: the description should contain a list
of production partners and expected date and place of
the first performance.
  • A statement explaining how coming to aqb, to Budapest, or to
Hungary is relevant to the development of your project. For example, how does the geographic, social, political or cultural dynamics of Budapest, Hungary play a role in your project?
  • Completion of the downloadable application form.


aqb is located about 10 kms from Budapest's city centre, near the Danube River. The public transport system is comfortable and efficient, with several bus lines (including night bus service) and a train line running close to aqb.