October 29. - December 19.



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Collective tour - December 19th, Sunday

Cyberspace is, in fact, intangible due to its parallel presence to physical reality, its concentration of content, its absence of spatiality (at least in its traditional sense) and its relative sense of time. Although the expression "post-internet" is much debated, its presence is inescapable, as we can witness a certain paradigm shift: artists have begun to discover this new dimension by experimenting with countless previously unused technological mediums. Furthermore, as digital natives, they also express nostalgia for the dawn of the internet age, by applying classical technologies revised from this new perspective that was uncommon until this point. However, it has not yet been possible to thoroughly map out this new reality, in order to create a coherent and consistent picture of this new movement.

ENTER_the_FUNKY_JUNGLE evokes the atmosphere of cyberspace mostly via its installations, which project fragments of this ‘new reality’ via personal impressions, thus creating an undoubtedly paradoxical situation; the exhibition examines the virtual phenomena through material artworks.


Exhibiting artists:
Szilvia BOLLA, László NÉMETH, Zsuzsa MAGYARI, Márk MARTINKÓ, Kristóf LÁZÁR, Írisz PAPP, Levente RADVÁNSZKI


Dalma Eszter KOLLÁR, Zita MARTON​

Graphic design:


Special thanks to:
Barnabás BALÁZS, Martha KICSINY


The exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary


We kindly ask our visitors to wear face masks inside the spaces of aqb