Opening: 11 January, 2020 Saturday 6 pm
Venue: aqb Project Space

Opening speech by Dr. Putyi Horváth, writer, film director, actor
Curator: Laura Farkas

“Imagine the big and the small, the outside and the inside, the up and down the organised, the secret, the invisible and the visible, the acultural and the culture.” - János Vető

The upcoming exhibition presented at aqb Project Space titled Duo-Trio-Fluo is showcasing public art and room graffiti works of János Vető created between 2004 and 2019. Images of public art and the artist’s private spaces- assembled into pairs based on colour, form and subject-matter. Sixty images presenting a fluorescent riot.

"The works are digital photographs, that were organised into pairs in 2011, in 2015 twenty heat-sensitive prints were made that were later ironed on A/4 fluorescent, zinc-treated sheets of paper and finally coloured with pastel. In 2019 he created prints in two different dimensions from these works, forty altogether. Duo-Trio-Fluo is a result of a decade-long creative work. Regarding the oeuvre as a whole it is an essential summary: photography, image manipulation, use of materials and painting combined. „Blue marbles and blue bird, bridge, family, children, Sea, Copenhagen-Haverdal, aluminium foil covering a champagne cork, Malmö-Szántód. Here or there, this way, or another, teaspoon, toy gun, plastic skeleton, savoury candy, cabelflower, liquid statue. Camera, Photoshop, printer, fluorine paper, zinc substance, iron, dry-pastel. Photography, painting, alchemy, public art, roomgraffiti. Iron-, Fluo- Ferrari print.” The words of János Vető are keywords to understanding the image pairs: through symbols and myths we can catch a glimpse of the past and the future, of the microclimate, the private, the universe and the public space." - Noémi Forián Szabó

János Vető was born in 1953. Since his childhood he is writing poems and from the 60s he developed an interest in photography, film and music. Between 1976 and 1980 he worked as the photographer, assistant and director to the performance artist Tibor Hajas. In the 80s he created artworks, sculptures and installations with Lóránt Zuzu Méhes. In 1981 they established the Trabant band with Gábor Lukin and Marietta Méhes. From the beginning of the 90s he lives in Denmark and Sweden. He creates digital images and works as a producer and songwriter, he plays on ukulele and kaossilator. He is well established worldwide both as visual artist and as a musician.

On view: January 11 - February 23, 2020

Graphic design: János Vető NahTe
Special thanks: Noémi Forián Szabó and Tomáš Krivočenko
Concert: János Vető NahTe




art quarter budapest’s International Artist-in-Residence program hosts the following disciplines:

Visual arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, media art, installation, graphic arts
Performing arts: theater, dance
Film, photography
Music and sound art
Literature and literary translation
Illustration and design
Art theory, curatorial and art management


Our residence program offers all entering participants a fully furnished private room within a communal apartment located on the aqb premises, as well as a studio space catering to the project’s requirements.
Studios are assigned based on the project requirements. All studios are heated, have natural light, ventilation, wi-fi and are accessible 24/7.


We offer varied services to integrate our residents into the local art scene and assist in establishing professional connections that best support their work and career. The residency program offers broad possibilities for artists, including cooperation among various disciplines, backgrounds and interests to serve as sources of inspiration.

Mediation in organizing a solo show or presentations as a closure of the residency period at aqb.
Meetings and lectures with Hungarian curators and art critics.
Tours of Budapest and places of interest in the surrounding area.


1 to 3 months.


The fee for participating in the aqb Artist-in-Residence Program is EUR 850 per month. This fee serves as an important contribution to the maintenance and operation of our institution.


Applicants should send the following material as a pdf to Dorottya Magyar:
  • Artist or group’s professional CV.
  • A portfolio of related works.
    ◦ Visual artists: images or video links.
    ◦ Performing artists: a synopsis of previous works, video
links and reviews.
    ◦ Literature: a list of publications and professional
  • A project description which clearly elaborates the residency
goals and the work to be created while at aqb.
    ◦ Performing artists: the description should contain a list
of production partners and expected date and place of
the first performance.
  • A statement explaining how coming to aqb, to Budapest, or to
Hungary is relevant to the development of your project. For example, how does the geographic, social, political or cultural dynamics of Budapest, Hungary play a role in your project?
  • Completion of the downloadable application form.


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