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Over the years art quarter budapest has grown to become an independent cultural institution and dynamic center of contemporary arts that hosts a wide diversity of creative activities.


We proudly,


  • give space to a continuously growing collective of progressive Hungarian artists mostly coming from the field of visual arts;

  • run a unique Artist-in-Residence Program for international artists, providing housing and studio space. We welcome artists from all fields including music, visual arts, circus, film, literature, theater, dance and performance;

  • curate exhibitions in our own gallery space;

  • organize exhibitions at other venues in Hungary and abroad;

  • offer an outdoor performance venue for music, theater, dance and circus, and indoor concert destination in the Spatial Sound Institute, for foreign performing art groups touring in Hungary;

  • provide a state-of-the-art premises for professional events such as workshops and conferences;

  • launch independent art projects and participate in their implementation in collaboration with domestic and foreign partner organizations.


All of the above activities are possible due to the continuous development of the premises, which maintains the goal of renovating and functionally restoring the historically listed industrial block of buildings to provide the best circumstances for creative work and its presentation.


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