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Our aim is to nourish and sustain a space of thinking, in the broadest sense of the word. This space takes the form of an interdisciplinary center that combines the intellectual and the creative in order to provide a forum which,


  • is able to respond to relevant social issues and engage in constructive dialogue by encouraging questions that seek to push boundaries and challenge conventional answers by interacting with various artistic disciplines.

  • is able to consciously reflect on local issues from a global perspective, and vice versa, global issues from a local perspective.

  • supports the creation of diverse and multi-faceted global perspectives as represented by the dynamic exchange and engagement of local and international artists.

  • is purposefully situated as part of a larger network of change making centres in order to foster dialogue, communication and collaboration abroad.

  • fosters the practical realization and dissemination of works initiated by individuals and the institution, to be actively engaged with.

  • emerges within the local community as an active member and catalyst for change, bringing forth original ideas that benefit the social, economic and political infrastructure.

  • is actively taking steps to integrate environmental consciousness and sustainability into the culture of our center and activities.

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