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4DSOUND Spatial Sound Institute

4DSOUND was founded in 2007 by composer Paul Oomen and technologists Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden and Salvador Breed to further the development of new processing software and control interfaces for spatial sound. In the same year, audio engineer Leo de Klerk published his patented application for omnidirectional loudspeakers that enable to produce phantom sound images independent from the place of the listener. Since 2010, Oomen and de Klerk have worked together on the development of the system.


In October 2015, 4DSOUND opened the doors of the Spatial Sound Institute, located at art quarter budapest in Hungary. Consisting of a large-scale spatial sound studio, presentation venue, project space and twenty residencies, the Spatial Sound Institute is dedicated to bring together artists, technologists and researchers from around the world to explore the emerging field of spatial sound.

Spatial Sound Institute

Credit: Georg Scholl

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