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Tamás FEJÉRVÁRY - Bios / Loud!Society

Sharing the space with Gábor Halász (Siblicity), I designed the acoustic treatment of the studio that we built together. As a composer / music producer, I create music as Bios, but I’m mostly active in a live-act formation called DirekTorz, stretching the boundaries of contemporary techno influenced by dub, bass music, and dusty old analog equipment. We use the studio for rehearsing and mixing most of the time, except when I work on a woodworking project and furniture takes over or when I work remotely. Human-machine interactions are important to me from another aspect too: my day job is Senior Product Designer at Shapr3D, redesigning the CAD experience for the 21st century.

I believe finding synergies in life is extremely important. Being able to design software that I can use to design and manufacture furniture, that I can use in my studio and at home, feels like everything is interconnected and the act of creation is a central organizing factor of my life. aqb is just the perfect spot to get lost in these activities, I enjoy being surrounded with like-minded people and exciting projects a lot.

DirekTorz grp pic 2021.png
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