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The xtro realm artist collective deals with new-realist philosophies and anthropocene-critical, ecologically engaged theories since 2017. They have organised several reading circles, field trips, film clubs and a group exhibition that were all guided by a strong transdisciplinary approach and knowledge-sharing mission. In 2020, they will present an exhibition at the Geological Survey, in the framework of OFF-Biennale Budapest. The exhibited works will be the fruit of a yearlong intensive cooperation between the researchers of the institution and the participating artists.


In 2019 xtro realm is going to publish their first offline publication, an intermedial dictionary that will accumulate the most important notions at the center of their researches. In addition to the scientific entries, the book will also contain literary texts and visual art both influenced by the scientific themes. Thus the book will deal with the otherwise heavy subjects on many different levels, making them easier to perceive.

During the Wonderlands event series, the artists of xtro realm will give en exclusive, virtual preview of their dictionary in the form of an interactive installation. The viewers can explore the artistic rendition of the non-human worlds that we can read about in the philosophical and literary texts of the soon to be published book.



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