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Zsófia TÓTH

My aim is to anchor my works between the realms of the figurative and the non-figurative. This is a very sensitive area and, for me, it is often a real challenge to find this transitional space. To achieve it, I use different techniques. My compositions are usually based on chaotic structures or reduced objects that can give rise to a kind of movement within or create division, which I will use to make my own deconstructive arrangements.
I prefer not to envision specific internal concepts before I start the actual work. For me, coincidence and chance are very important parts of the creative process, as it helps to keep the pieces structurally open, which in turn allows me to move to the next level. I have developed a method where I take buildings and everyday objects, pre-process them digitally – generating an alternative "pre-reality" – and then, through blending, finish the destruction on my canvas.

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