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Zsolt Petrányi

Born in Budapest, 1966, lives and works in Budapest. After completing art historical studies, he became curator of contemporary arts in the Műcsarnok /Kunsthalle Budapest from 1996. His interest was the young, upcoming art of the nineties of Hungary.


Later he organized international projects when working as director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Dunaújváros, an industrial city near to Budapest. During this period he was the curator of the controversial show of the group Little Warsaw in Venice Biennial Hungarian Pavilion. From 2005 he became the director of the Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest, where he focused on big scale international solo and group exhibitions as own productions of the institution.


From 2011 till present he is the head of contemporary arts in the Hungarian National Gallery and teaches art management in the International Business School, Budapest.

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