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The subject of my artistic research is defined by the artistic reflection on ecological questions. I am engaged in observing systems of relationships that expose the connections between society and the ecosystem, and their interdependence. (The ecosystem meaning the entire system of living beings and their inanimate environment, an open system that is capable of self-regulation to some degree.) Recently, the most fascinating aspects of this complex relationship for me were the technological developments carried out in the field of agriculture, such as digitization, the question of sustainability, and the Internet of Things (IoT) – trends that have been transforming many industries in the last decade. It is especially intriguing for me to see how different scientific innovations are introduced to our natural environments, or in other words, the question of how or until which point can the effects of artificial presence be escalated.


In order to visually define the social-ecological system I intend to get to know and comprehend, I invoke opposites that form integral parts of the subject in question.

- analysis of dimension: the difference between 2D and 3D

- connections between organic and inorganic materials

- figurativity and abstraction

- confrontation of micro and macro qualities

- processes between open and closed systems

- simultaneous application of craft (collage-architectures) and industrial technologies

Apart from my personal involvement, this topic in its wider sense is also a current political issue as well as a question of moral philosophy that defines our present and future on a global scale.

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